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We set out to motivate movement in the masses by simplifying fitness. Turns out that less is actually more — go figure

We recognize that life gets complicated at times, exercise doesn’t need to be

There is a lot of thought and innovation that goes into each of our products but that's not the point — We are here to celebrate and empower the individual, wherever you may find yourself on the journey

Change is a choice that only you can make

When you're ready, we're here for you.


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So far I love it I have chronic illness, but this is very easy I to use.

Carolyn F

Easy to assemble. Easy to use. The explanation book with photos of each exercise is wonderful and easy to understand.

Fern S

I LOVE the body gym.  The resistance is way more then I expect it to be. I use it almost everyday.  Great product!

Pam A

So easy to use and I can feel the stretch and enjoy the workout.

Wynotha F

I love it. Able to do stretching and toning exercises in the privacy of my own home.

Eileen M

I feel for what you get it is well worth the money. I did it one time and really felt it.

Paula B